Universal Friendship Lodge No. 9759


UFL.jpgOur Worshipful Master, John Lewis welcomes you to our new website.

The Universal Friendship Lodge was founded in 2002 with the express aim of bringing together men of different faith groups and ethnic backgrounds.   All Masonic Lodges have open at its meetings the Holy Bible, ours is unique in that we have seven different holy books on display.

Within our membership we have Christians, Muslims, Jews and Sikhs.  We look not only to promote the values of Freemasonry – integrity, kindness, honesty, fairness, family, and care for the less fortunate and those in need – but show that all men, no matter their background, can come together in brotherly love and friendship.  In a world and society that seems to be becoming ever more fractured along ethnic and religious divides, we celebrate what we all have in common as well as developing a better understanding of our different cultural and religious backgrounds.  To promote a fairer world where all can live as equals at the same time respecting our differences.

We meet every 3rd Tuesday in January, every 1st Wednesday in April,
every 3rd Wednesday in May, and every 1st Wednesday in October.

Our regular meetings are held at:

Saxon Hall
Aviation Way
Essex SS2 6UN

Please look at our News and Events page for the very latest information on Universal Friendship Lodge.

Finally, if you wish to contact us for any reason please use the contact form on the "contact-us" page.