Universal Friendship Lodge No. 9759



W.Bro. M. A. Pasha, M.B.E., PAGDC, PPSGW, was the driving force behind the idea of forming a new lodge in Southend-on-Sea that would bring together men of all different faiths and ethnic backgrounds.  He wrote the following to The United Grand Lodge of England petitioning for the new lodge to be formed.


Modern Masonry, most masons agree, is a 'way of life', which reinforces consideration, kindness, courtesy, justice and fair play at home, in society and the community wherein one lives, works and earns his living. Masonry invites' just, upright and free men of mature age', however diverse they may be in caste, colour and culture and unites them in an Essential Belief - TO BELIEVE IN ONE SUPREME BEING, to whom we must all be answerable on our final RETURN TO HIM.  This is the spiritual aspect of Freemasonry.

In our worldly life, along with righteous conduct, Masonry motivates a mason to be in a multicultural and multiracial England today, and in the Southend-on-Sea area in the Province of Essex, there are a great number of hard working men from Southern Asia and Africa, all from the old British. Empire, fairly well off in their worldly possessions. There is a natural social need for them to mix, mingle and eventually integrate in the free society this country provides, so that they can express their participation and offer their contribution.

Freemasonry, therefore, provides a platform on which a local man can stand shoulder to shoulder with an immigrant for the ultimate good of the community where one lives. Hence the need for a New Mixed Masonic lodge, which can evolve itself to a glorious future on the foundations laid by the sincere founding members.

Historically, the year 1717 marks the foundation of 'Grand Lodge' in London by the amalgamation of four London lodges. Further 'Grand Lodges' appeared in the scenario ­Antients Grand Lodge (1751-1813). The Grand Lodge of all England at York (1761-1792) and the Grand Lodge South of River Trent (1778-1788) in London (Premier).  In the wider interests of Freemasonry, on 27th day of December 1813, the union of Premier and Antients Grand lodges took place to form 'The United Grand Lodge of England', the Mother Lodge of Freemasonry, across the four quarters of the globe, in our modern world.

Our Province of Essex is the 3rd largest in the country.  It governs lodges.

Hopefully, our new lodge will play an important role in the harmony of Essex lodges in particular and Freemasonry in general.


Approval was given and on 10th September, 2002, in the Golden Jubilee Year of Queen Elizabeth II, the Universal Friendship Lodge No. 9759, was consecrated at the Southend Masonic Centre, Woodgrange Drive, Southend-on-Sea.  The Centre has since moved to Saxon Hall, Aviation Way, Southend-on-Sea, where the lodge now meets four times a year.

The Lodge badge consists of a globe, with England at its centre, sitting on the square and compasses.  The name appears at the bottom and our lodges motto "Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth at the top.